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Stargate Weekly Challenges

Every Saturday a new challenge.

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The Stargate (SG-1 & SGA) Weekly Challenges
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Welcome to the Stargate Weekly Challenges Community! Each Saturday, a writing challenge is issued (including an optional prompt) and you have until the next Saturday to post your reply to the challenge before a new one is posted. We accept both Atlantis AND SG-1 stories!
When you post your repsonse to a challenge, you must put "Challenge #" (replacing the # with the challenge number, of course) as your subject. Also, you must similarly tag your post with "challenge #".
Also, you are allowed to post your other drabbles/flashfics that aren't in response to our challenges, but you must tag them as general.
We also do awards. Every Saturday, awards from the previous week are posted along with the challenge. All members are encouraged to vote for their favorites from the specified weeks by commenting on the awards post. A more detailed description of the voting process may be found here.
-Stories must be between 100 and 1000 words
-We accept general fic and het (no matter how crazy the pairing), but slash pairings are not accepted as they are controversial. Also, threesomes are generally frowned upon.
-Please, try and keep your stories below an R rating so they are acceptable for all of our audiences.
-You must post your story behind a cut and warn of spoilers for either show
-You must post a rating on your story
-Be creative!
-Lurkers, lurkers are no fun, they must post to share with everyone!
Our head mod and creator is nerca_beyul.

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