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Stargate Weekly Challenges

Challenge #73

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Stargate 2
The Stargate (SG-1 & SGA) Weekly Challenges

Challenge #73

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Civilian consultant
Title: Destiny
Rating: G
Challenge #73: "Control"
Warnings/Spoilers: Prequel to No Place Like Home. AU, military!Daniel, set in an alternate "Children of the Gods."
Summary: Jack has objections about the leader of SG-2.

"You've giving SG-2 to him?"

Hammond glared at Colonel O'Neill as the latter barged into his office uninvited. "I wasn't aware I was required to get your approval, airman," he replied.

O'Neill must have picked up on the warning, because he straightened and saluted. "Sorry, sir. Permission to speak, general?"

"It seems you'll speak with or without permission," Hammond noted, and the colonel's face reddened. "Go ahead."

"Sir, it's just that... well, he's not one of us. How do we know that we can trust him?" O'Neill asked. "He could be a spy. And you're just giving control of an SG team to him, just like that."

"The Egyptian government is willing to vouch for Colonel Jackson's loyalty and leadership abilities," Hammond informed him. "He's already signed a nondisclosure form, agreeing not to share any classified information with anyone outside of the program. The Stargate still belongs to them, colonel. They have the right to work with us on anything regarding their artifact, and Jackson is their chosen representative."

Jack made a face. "I still don't like it."

"No one asked you to," Hammond retorted. "Jackson is getting SG-2. You're getting SG-1. With luck, you won't have to see each other too much. Now get out of my office."

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