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Stargate Weekly Challenges

Challenge #72--Snow

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Stargate 2
The Stargate (SG-1 & SGA) Weekly Challenges

Challenge #72--Snow

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into Jesus
Okay, yeah, this is late. I'm sneaking it in because I feel bad for not posting anything in ages. ;)

Link Table to the entire series

Title: The Games People Play Chapter 39--The Stage Is Set
Author: Lionchilde
Summary:The light snow which had begun when Cam and Carolyn left the base had become a full-fledged storm by the time they reached the deserted parking lot outside New World Cinemas in Colorado Springs. Cam turned the engine off but left the heater running as he and Carolyn stared out at the uninviting swirl of white outside his windshield.

Rating: PG
Length: Around 1000 words
Pairings/Characters: D/V, Cam/Carolyn. Lots of em.
A/N: For fic101, 10hugs, and sg_challenges Go me.

Read it on dv_hearts.
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