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Stargate Weekly Challenges

Silent Night

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Stargate 2
The Stargate (SG-1 & SGA) Weekly Challenges

Silent Night

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Title: Silent Night
Rating: G
Challenge: #72 - snow
Summary:  When life is nothing but a struggle, what would you do to preserve newfound peace?

It was a normal Colorado winter blizzard that would be the death of them, and somehow that was funny; they had survived nukes and plagues and Armageddon, but a few cut power lines and suddenly they were doomed. The aliens trapped on the base didn’t believe that explanation, of course, what with the constant in-fighting and revolutions on their home making them naturally suspicious of anyone and anything that seemed too convenient, and threatened war when they could not leave the base.

Just when the meeting was at its breaking point, Carter knocked on the briefing room door.

She took them up to the entrance and showed them Earth, covered in a white blanket that draped itself over every flaw and injury, smoothed out the landscape in a crystallized whisper of silence.

“This is our world,” she said simply, and the aliens stared at a thing they had never seen before: peace.

When the weapons were lowered and the diplomatic exchanges started and something like an accord reached regarding the little planet of the Tau’ri, her team found her sitting up on the mountainside and counting the stars in the clear night sky.

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